If you want to use this site we have a few rules you will need to follow.

  • One account each IP address

You can only have one account each ip address.

  • No Use of Bots

Don´t use bots when your using our site.

  • Don´t use Proxys or TOR

Don´t use Proxys or TOR to try hiding where your from.

  • Cheating with Referrals

We love when you present us for new people, even if they are your friends, family or someone you just met, but dont try to cheat, false people or people just signing up for taking tips from the site will be banned and so will the user who refers these “bad” accounts.

  • Don´t use URL Shortener

It´s forbidden to use URL Shortener. If you want to share a link, you should share a clean link.

  • One Upgrade Only

You may only have one upgrade running. When the upgrade is run out, your can renew it or choose another one. Users trying to cheat with upgrades with get banned without warnings.

  • Personal Account

Your account is personal and may not be shared with others. If we found out so, we dont payout your rewarded satoshi and your account can be banned.

  • Be nice

If you´re socializing with other users, please be gently and talk nice to them.

  • Don´t SPAM

You´re welcome to share your thoughts, links, pictures, videos or what ever you want, but don’t just post updates or comments just for doing it, if your spamming the community, your account will get banned and you won’t get your earnings paid out.

  • Ban without Warning

Users whom display, share and/or in other ways suggest others to trick/cheat our systems will be banned with no warning.