Improvements and security updates

After some hackers have been trying to hack accounts here, we have made some changes to the security at the site.
This means that it is now much easier for our system to block an ip trying to login with wrong password.

We also now send out email for you on successful login, in that way you will easily notice if someone have accessed your account.

Again it´s very important for us to tell, that you have nothing to worry about, as long as you keep using strong passwords and if you are able to use 2-factor authentication we recommend using that, for making your account more secure.

After new layout we also changed a few features. Like the “Edit” function, you can still edit your comments, but you have to do this from your Activity page, not the global one.

We also work on a new share function, as our old code can’t work with our new layout.

Finally we can announce that we during the coming days will increase the rewards for socializing. So you will get higher rewards for comments on others updates.