Free Litecoin Wallet

If you don’t have any Litecoin wallet yet, there is different solutions for you to choose.

Local Wallet

If you want a local wallet running at your machine, the best solution for you is to use the Litecoin Core Wallet.
When using a wallet on your local machine, remember to take backup of your wallet and secure it with a strong password.


Online Wallet

If your don’t trust your machine or its not good enough to run a wallet, then you should choose Online Wallet instead.

If you want a wallet which you can use for incoming and outgoing transactions, then you should choose something like Coinbase, which is a online wallet for both Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Register Online Wallet

Offline Wallet

If you just want a wallet to receive Litecoin and want save them until you have a lot, then you should consider a offline wallet, which you generate yourself and then will be able to receive Litecoins at, and when you want you can use your keys to take in these money in Litecoin Core Wallet or an online wallet.

Create Offline Wallet